Small Church

In the New Testament, the apostle Paul writes to  churches that individual believers have different gifts, and that each of those gifts is important.  That means different churches, small groups or individuals have different talents, different perspectives, and different personalities.  

At Fellowship Church of the Brethren you can therefore expect to find:

  • An intimate, personal atmosphere.  We grow to know each other.  We are as much like a family as a congregation.  We enjoy frequent fellowship meals, small study groups, and social activities.
  • We have listening ears.  We’re interested in your needs and concerns.  We value feedback from everyone who participates in our services and activities.  We will try to make adjustments to how we do things to meet your needs and assure a positive experience for everyone.
  • Our pastor and deacons do hospital crisis visitation and regularly visit members of the congregation in their homes.  If anyone is sick, we pray with them, laying on hands and anointing with oil according to scripture.  We care about each other.
  • There are opportunities for everyone to be involved.  Whether it be singing in the choir or a small ensemble, playing a musical instrument, helping with technology or social media, serving on leadership or support committees, caring for the building and grounds, helping with social activities or meals, or just being present and supportive of others.  Everyone makes a difference.